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KinaLink was founded by Jie Zheng, who was born and raised in China and has been living in Sweden since 2003.

Jie's hometown, Shanghai, is one of the best shopping capitals of the world and just shopping attracts millions of visitors to the city each year. Unlike the tourists, who do shopping from various department stores and markets around Shanghai, Jie prefers to order the products from, which is China's largest online shopping site. A term that usually describes Taobao's endless assortment is: "There is nothing you can not find on Taobao.  Here you can find things that you do not even know that exist." It is simplier, cheaper to order products from Taobao and everything is just a click away.

Jie's business idea with KinaLink is to create a platform where even people outside of China can enjoy and get access to the unique shopping experiences via

The purpose of KinaLink is to act as a link between you as a customer and China. What we do is to offer services that facilitate the online ordering. We offer services such as payment and transport assistance.

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